Build Strong Agent-Client Relationships – How to Make More Money With Business Insurance Leads

Build Strong Agent-Client Relationships – How to Make More Money With Business Insurance Leads

If you’ve been an insurance agent for some time, you probably already know the kind of potential online business insurance leads have for boosting your customer base. No matter what kind of insurance policy you are into (auto, life, homeowners, health, etc.), there are all kinds of business and commercial insurance leads available that will assist you in meeting your needs.

Many insurance agents know that the different policy types have varying values. Selling automobile and life insurance policies is very profitable, as commissions for selling them is usually very high. On the other hand, business insurance leads are not as profitable because owners have to get the insurance; premiums are lower and an agent’s profit is less. There’s not near a lot of competition for the less profitable leads as they are for the more profitable ones.

How Agents Can Boost Business and Profits with Commercial Insurance Leads

How then can an insurance agent boost his potential clientele… no matter what kind of policy they are into selling? The key is to forge a strong bond with every single one of his/her clients. It is the ideal way to turn less viable and less profitable business insurance policies into accounts that are highly lucrative over a long period of time.

What kind of impact can you make on a novice business owner? You can be there to respond to questions and help him/her with a vital component to the business project. It’s during the startup time that helps you to build and forge a strong relationship; something that can help you further your business down the road. When the client needs to take out a life insurance policy, he/she will look for you to take care of it. When he feels the car insurance premiums are getting out of control, he/she will want you to explain why.

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As the agent/client relationship ages and strengthens, you’ll have the option to enlarge it by meeting more of the client’s insurance needs. It’s this tactic that enables you to make, what looks like less than profitable business insurance leads, a highly lucrative lasting venture.

When you take into consideration the amount of competition for these kinds of accounts, you’ll understand how valuable the above tactic is. It basically means you can purchase leads for less money or you can produce online leads without a lot of competition interference.

Again, you don’t have to make this method of action passive. If you believe that the relationship between you and your client is strong, talk to him/her about it. If the client isn’t with you for his/her car insurance needs, inform him/her that you can offer them a better rate than their current automobile insurance provider. Let your client know that you will do whatever you can to help them get the best deal possible on life insurance (based on their needs and situation).

If you do have that client’s trust, they’ll want to listen to what you have to say and take you up your offers. They’ll want to let you handle all of their insurance needs. Remember the key to increasing your bottom line is to forge this relationship early on.