Canada – A Sight to Behold During Wintertime

When the cold months kick in the thoughts of many turn to Canada. It is a place that offers fresh air and ski opportunities along with tours of scenic spots and a taste of the sports establishments and carnivals.
It has really turned into a prime winter travel location judging by the large number of package vacations that has sprung up. City or ski packages are usually featured along with special events and combo promos. The slopes of Canada are dubbed as paradise for avid skiers. Names like Banff, Jasper and Mont Tremblant are familiar to skiers everywhere. The food and skiing are excellent regardless whether you ride a helicopter to the British Columbian or Alberta mountains or pick the Laurentians or Quebec.
Skiing is not the only thing that can be enjoyed immensely while in Canada for the winter. Canada is big on ice hockey which is why it has an official hockey team in Montreal and others based in other cities. Indoor and outdoor ice rinks practically everywhere but Ottawa holds the longest one in the world which stretches four miles.
The first snowmobile came from Quebec and while countries around the world have adopted it Canada is still the place it is most renowned. Family trips on weekends are especially enjoyable thanks to the clear snow machine trails and the snowmobile clubs. Consider snowshoeing as a great winter sport. Some key locations will soon have snowshoeing trails to offer.
Fishermen are not deterred by two or four feet of ice covering rivers and lakes and simply proceed with their top sport. To begin fishing all they require are some roof cover and a carved hollow in the ice. Tomcods are caught in the thousands by using the La Perade shacks in Quebec that are dragged into the waiting ice.
Most of the lakes within Ontario and other provincial regions have wintertime fishing available plus the necessary gear. Another well loved pursuit is tobogganing. A lot of the places feature their own toboggans and have manmade chutes for more adventure. From the visual delights to the heart pounding drop down the sides of a cliff the huge slide ride in Quebec City is one that is truly unforgettable.
It is not unusual to find ski resorts holding off certain slopes for tobogganing. Dog and snowshoe races along with ice castle creations and delicious food and drinks all welcome the beginning of carnival festivities. Hundreds of winter season carnivals happen in Canada and they all promise nonstop amusement.
International games are among the more interesting events that have athletes coming in for a visit. These fiesta celebrations put in the forefront the snowshoe classic and sled dog racing. The hunt for valuable antiques in out of the way boutiques or the search for unusual handicrafts goes on in winter as it does in summer.
Most of the artwork and soapstone carvings people choose to take home with them are those crafted by Eskimos and Indians. If in the mood for culture the capital has a symphony giving out around ten concerts and there is also the ballet company performing within the different cities. Theater presentations in Montreal come in both French and English but there are also a musical ensemble from Vancouver and opera in major cities to provide entertainment.
There are museums within Toronto and Saint John together with Ottawa and Vancouver that are open to everyone all year round. The more lively Canadian cities serve up nightly attractions from cool discotheque spots to chic clubs and hotels.
Montreal’s underground city offers an escape from the weather, rain or snow. Lengthy interconnected tunnels hook theaters and railway systems plus shops and hotels with office business complexes and the major subway Le Metro as well as numerous apartment towers. Other cities like Toronto as well as Winnipeg have caught on with the idea of developments below ground. Walking by some crystal clear snow can easily make the day of a tourist.
Tourists have tons to fill their bellies from the fine steaks of Saskatchewan to the Quebec French food fare to the British Columbia tasty delights. Canada is clearly a place worth a visit or two.

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