How to Get Life Insurance If You Are Not As Fit As You Should Be

How to Get Life Insurance If You Are Not As Fit As You Should Be

If you are not in the best of health and want to get life insurance but think you are unable because of your health record, well think again. Being unhealthy does not necessarily mean you can go without life insurance. The following are just a few steps to help you on your way to getting insured. How to get life insurance.

Step 1. Now before you apply you need to get a few things together. First get a record of all the health care providers you have visited in the last 10 year, this includes hospitals, clinics, agencies and medical professional. You will need to get their full names, addresses and contact details.

Step 2. Next you need to get a record of any prescription medications or medications that you are currently taking, this includes the full name and the dosages.

Step 3. You need to write down any major health concerns that have affected your adult life, make sure that you write the earliest first and try to write down around the dates they happened.

Step 4. Next you need to write a record of some positive things about your health condition, this may include things like, I jogged 3 times a week, to, I quit smoking such and such a date, and so forth.

Step 5. This step is easy all you have to do is collect all the above information into a folder so it is easily accessible. Make sure you also do a double copy of your records in case you happen to lose your folder or you need to give it to someone.

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Now we look at applying for coverage.

Step 1. First you need to find an insurance professional who has had experience in placing impaired risk causes, this may be your current insurance professional.

Step 2. This step requires you to make 2 formal applications to 2 different companies for insurance that are already known to be more aggressive underwriters.

Step 3. Apply for the amount that your beneficiaries actually need with what you have worked out and from the advice which your financial professional may have given you.

Step 4. After you have finished filling out any application forms, the insurance company may ask for you to do some medical exams and tests. This should be paid by the company. The sooner you get this done the better it looks.

Now we will look at considering any offers.

Step 1. First if any coverage offers come from your application you need to ask your agent for a written document of these.

Step 2. If a company declines or rates you, ask for a written letter of explanation as to why you were declined.

Step 3. Whatever offers come to you, look at them all mindfully. Choose an offer that gives you more policy guarantees and insurance coverage for the least amount of cost.

Step 4. Lastly, regardless of any offer put forward to you, get the insurance company to send all your test and examinations back to your health care provider for your current file.

How to get life insurance may be easier than you think. All in all this may help you get on your way to getting insured if you are not as healthy as you should be.

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